Billy Boylan Graphic Design




Graphic design is visual communication. A creative process combining art and technology to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. And it is also giving the client what they need. There is no direct path for this and it often involves demographic and target research. Design based in this understanding of the intended audience is highly successful. Trying to design without it is like trying to communicate without knowing the language of the listener.




The foundation of any successful design is to understand the parameters of a project and what the client is looking to achieve. The consultation is one of the most important aspects of the design process and is included for free if we decide to work together. Get in touch with me to get started.



The intended outcome of working with me is to create a cohesive, dynamic and impactful project. I often provide multiple design options for each project and have very quick turn-around time, as well as flexible and affordable pricing rates. My years of experience will make this process effortless for you.


Web and Interactive

Where would we be without the current internet technology and the amount of information that is at all of our fingertips? Every business should have a presence on the internet and I can accomplish this for your company. I offer multiple solutions and I can guide you to select the best option for your project. 


+ Initial Conversation / Consultation | tele/email $ FREE
+ After estimates - conversations, meetings, etc. - 15 mins $45 per Hour


+ Advertising | Single image for print or digital $700 – $1500
+ Book design | Depending on number of pages $450 – $1500
+ Branding | Style Guide / Templates $800 – $1500
+ Brochure design | Depending on number of pages / folds $400 – $1200
+ Business Cards | Single or Double sided $150 – $300
+ Catalog / Guide / Manual $400 – $1200
+ CD / DVD packaging | Slick and Diskface $300 – $750
+ Flyer / Promo Sheet $150 – $300
+ Logo design $400 – $800
+ Letterhead | Envelope $150 – $300
+ Postcard | Single or Double sided $200 – $800
+ Poster design | Depending on complexity $200 – $1200
+ Tradeshow / Banners / Displays $400 – $1200
+ T-shirt graphics | Depending on complexity $200 – $600
+ Sell Sheets $150 – $400
+ Stickers / Magnets $150 – $300


+ Website Design / Development  $1200 – $7000
+ Website Maintenance / Editing $45 per Hour
The list goes on... If a project is not listed here you’re interested in, please advise and I will be able to review and
provide an accurate fee for consideration.

PAYMENT / OPTIONS: (Must sign agreement prior to the starting any work)

+ On smaller-mid sized projects I require a 50% deposit and the balance prior to release of production-ready files.
+ On larger (longer-term) projects with several stages, I require the same 50% deposit prior to starting any work, but break up the fee schedule .
+ Acceptable forms of payment - CASH, CHECK / MONEYORDER.
+ Rush charges will apply to any projects with less than 3 days turn-around. Add 50% of total.
*NOTE: This list is intended to provide an estimate for project costs. Fees will vary depending on project specs. Any / All text is to be supplied by client ready to place,
checked for spelling and grammar in either ASCI or WORD format. Any / All images are to be provided as HI RESOLUTION files for printing purposes. If the client requests /
requires Images to be used in printed materials or images are selected during the design process to be used in printed materials, each image is billed according to the resource
fees and is not included in any estimates. Any / All dollar figures are in USD.